Miao Jiaxin Studio is an one-person studio based in New York City, meanwhile it travels. It has devoted itself to making business ideas/models as an art form in economic, social, cultural or other contexts.

17 November 2017 - 19:00 - KPGT - Belgrade - Serbia

VestAndPage with Vedran Vučić - Shola Cole - Sara Kostić - Manuel López García - Marco Nektan - lvana Ranisavljević - Katarina Ranković - Albert Smith - Alex Spyke

PerformanceHUB is a performance art education program founded by the artist Marta Jovanović in collaboration with Milica Pekić and G12 HUB

Nelt Educational Program entitled “Interdisciplinary collaboration in the fields of arts, science and new technologies” is one-year program created for domestic students, realized by Nova Iskra and G12 HUB in partnership with NELT company