Sanja Ćopić

Sanja Ćopić was born in Belgrade in 1992, where she studies and creates. She completed her undergraduate studies for Sculpture at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, and she is currently completing a Master's Degree at the same Department in the class of Mrdjan Bajic. She has exhibited several times, and she had her first solo exhibition in Belgrade in 2015 entitled Self-Realizations. Video Perfect Imperfections TAG was chosen for one of the three winning work on the video contest “Body as a Regimef” in 2015. She won Zoran Kuzmanovic award for the Best Portrait Sculpture in 2012.

Songs to Cry to
Crying over heartbreak is a part of a larger series of videos and performances. It explores the notions of authenticity and compassion, mediated by a screen and a camera. The fourth wall of cinema doesn’t exist in any of her videos- she always performs for the camera, but actually through the camera and for a specific viewer, creating an intimate, one on one relationship, in which she is aware of the impending gaze that she will be subjected to. Taking the gaze as a given, non-artificial condition, a voyeuristic atmosphere is created. Also, a liveness of the performance being staged is felt, even though the viewer is watching a pre-recorded video. Crying, as a universal, hidden bodily function of everyone’s inner life, is brought to the viewer in an almost unbearable size, intensity and directness. Compassion that is created through the screen and the confronting unpleasantness that the video creates in a viewer is a legitimate, virtually induced emotion.
You're so pretty!
The artist invites the audience to sit with her and subject themselves to sincere compliments on their looks. This staring and detailed look directed towards the visitor creates a weird intimacy and slight embarrassment. Instead of looking at the artist or the artwork, the attention is on the audience.