Graduate performance Joy of Europe by Milan Jovanovic


Performance Joy of Europe was held at the Center for Cultural Decontamination, on Thursday, November 24th starting from 8 p.m.

“I was born the same day as the symbolic new modern Europe was born, on the day the Berlin Wall fell. My birthday, the day when my mother gave birth to me sexless, coincided with the sacred feast which marked the beginning of new interstate relations in Europe. I was brought up my parents and what children what brought up by Europe? I'm the same age as Europe but I am rarely seeing her, possibly at the celebrations. Therefore, I wonder what kind of children creates Serbia? ”

The performance was divided into 5 scenes:

1. Hooligan
2. B. Brecht - Mother Courage and Her Children
3. Mother at the therapy
4. Srbijanka (mother of hooligans)
5. Mother of Europe

“Joy of Europe” is a graduate performance realised within the program PerformanceHUB.